Over the last couple of years, I’ve had to turn down most invitations I’ve received to speak at various events across the country. I’ve mostly declined out of concern for the livelihoods of those involved with my business in parts of the Bible belt. (It wouldn’t be fair of me to potentially impact their financial security over something as silly as my lack of supernatural beliefs.) Oh, and a couple perfectly timed death threats the day of other events, but… whatevs. 😉

However, now that I’ve officially distanced myself from my old business, I’m finally free to speak my mind and looking forward to the opportunity to engage in spirited public dialogues with Christian leaders, politicians, and missionaries around the country regarding the intersection of faith and society.

My spring and summer schedule are pretty full with various projects, but in the fall of 2018 I’d love to kick off a speaking series with various people of faith. In the past, I’ve just fielded (and declined) invitations as they come in. But, going forward, I’d love to be more proactive, choosing venues and “guests” with whom to speak. If you have any great ideas on how to ramp up this sort of a speaking tour (especially as an unrepresented self-published author), I’d love to hear your thoughts! Who would you like to see on the other side of the stage? Debates, panel-driven conversations, or more a mix of presentations? What about venues – churches, colleges, bars?

As always – feel free to shoot me an email: HorusG (at) HorusG (dot) com

Thanks for your ideas,
– Horus G.