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Part 36/365: An atheist reviews a popular Christian devotional from Jesus Daily.
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Dear Karen,
It’s Saturday and I want my coffee. So, let’s just skip the pleasantries and get on with today’s review, starting with the supplied scripture:

VERSE OF THE DAY: Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”Psalm 30:5

Isn’t it interesting that the author chose to omit the first few words of this psalm stating, “God’s anger is brief” which caused all of the “weeping” to begin in the first place! I get it… nobody likes an angry god. So, let’s just act like he’s jolly old Saint Nick, instead.

Bullshit! This is like telling a victim of domestic abuse, “Sure, Billy gave you that black eye, but bruises don’t last forever and you sorta had it coming.” ARRGGGHHH!!!!

Today’s Themes from Jesus Daily:

Bleh, I can’t even handle the gross manipulation today. Long story short, the author spends a couple of paragraphs triggering readers to remember every awful horrible thing that has ever happened, how helpless and alone it made them feel, and how even their own friends and family couldn’t really help them out of the pits of despair. Why? Because that’s God’s job. You know, the guy who is in control of everything – to save you from the despair he created for you. How… capriciously convenient – again, directly in-line with the analogy of an abusive loved one that demands obedience and dependence.

Short Secular Alternative Devotional:

Indeed, sometimes shit happens that will test the very core of your being. That’s called life. Your choice is whether to rely on yourself and those around you to actually get through it, or just curl into a helpless ball until some unknown, unseen celestial counselor magically heals your pain, giving no credit to yourself or others for your recovery. Or, you could simply reject the very idea that such an abusive yet strangely absent overlord has any control over you at all, and certainly not run to him in hopes that he’ll heal the very pain he was in control of causing in the first place. Jesus… this isn’t rocket science, people!

See you tomorrow to Check Your Words?
– Horus Gilgamesh

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