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Part 38/365: An atheist reviews a popular Christian devotional from Jesus Daily.
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Dear Karen,
In case you don’t already have a case of the Mondays, today’s devotional from Jesus Daily is sure to inspire… misery.

VERSE OF THE DAY: [Jesus told Paul,] “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.”2 Cor. 12:9

What is there to say? If your religion not only requires but thrives on your weakness in order to “work best” – well… come on, people! The fact that the author finds it acceptable to highlight such scripture as worthy of daily reflection and praise says it all – no comment necessary.

Today’s Themes:

Today’s devotional spends two endless paragraphs invoking fear-inducing memories of misery, helplessness, and self-doubt before telling readers, “If we could do everything ourselves, we wouldn’t need to rely on God.” Well… tell that to the billions of non-Christians around the world who are somehow capable of making it through their daily lives without relying on any unseen life coaches in the sky. Sadly, this sort of teaching indoctrination of personal weakness begins at a very young age in most mainstream Christian circles – entire generations being convinced just how helpless they are without their almighty (alleged) Father in their corner. What happens when they become 50 years old and suddenly realize it was all a myth to keep them co-dependent upon the dopamine drip of church doctrine? Psychological turmoil, that’s what… (Followed by eventual emotional freedom, luckily.)

As for today’s Daily Interaction at the bottom of the page…

Nope… nothing to be concerned with here – just encouraging people to text themselves reminders that somebody else is in control of their weakness.

Short Secular Alternative Devotional:

We all have weaknesses, vices, and blind spots. There is a big difference between looking yourself in the mirror and admitting a specific weakness, “I have a problem with eating junk food,” vs. walking down the street mumbling generalities of self-loathing, “I am weak, I am helpless, God’s grace is all I need.” Keep your chin up and address your faults head-on. But, be sure to give yourself credit for overcoming the obstacles that impede your progress and joy.

See you tomorrow “For His Glory?”
– Horus Gilgamesh

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